EGO Protocol

Blockchain, powered by the sun.

Mission Statement

Join the Energy revolution

EGO (Energy Generation Opportunity) Protocol

Integrates blockchain into the energy sector, unlocking its full potential, boosting innovation, and creating economic opportunities through renewable energy excess generation.

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EGO Blockchain is set to transform the energy sector with its revolutionary approach.

EGO Blockchain aims to solve the energy shortage.

The EGO Protocol rewards energy production NOT energy consumption.

Mark your calendars!
The EGO Token presale kicks off in 2023.


Total Supply: 100,000,000 EGO

You can take advantage of the lower starting price and secure a larger number of EGO Tokens for your investment.

EGO Token

 EGO TOKEN core features 


EGO Token serves as the primary fundraising tool and will be used for all transactions within the EGO Protocol ecosystem.


EGO Token, an ERC-20 initially launched on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), will be converted to EGO Coin at a 1 to 1 ratio once the EGO Chain Network, the underlying infrastructure of the EGO Protocol ecosystem, goes live.


EGO Token is secured by blockchain technology, ensuring transparency and immutability of all transactions.


EGO Token operates on a decentralized network, allowing for a fair and transparent distribution of rewards and governance.


EGO Token incentivizes and rewards individuals and organizations that contribute to the development of green energy solutions, promoting sustainability and environmental responsibility.


EGO Token will implement buyback and burn mechanisms to ensure price stability, constant value appreciation, and market share growth.


Empowering Users Through Transparent Governance

Governed by the community.

Decentralized Governance for a Sustainable Energy Future. Participate in the decision-making process of EGO Protocol ecosystem through our innovative governance system.


Keen on discovering more about the EGO Protocol?
Check out our FAQ section and ignite your curiosity!


Explore our plans for development, adoption, and expansion, as we strive to make a real impact on energy shortage.

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Meet The Team

Alexandru Mares

Founder CEO

Alexandru, a seasoned professional with diverse experience and expertise in sales, software development, blockchain, and AI, is the successful CEO of Friday Corp. His leadership and knowledge greatly enrich our team.

Ana Albeanu

Founder COO

With 15+ years in various sectors and expertise in fields ranging from macroeconomics to AI, Ana, an economist and seasoned business developer, is a valuable asset as our COO. Her involvement in crypto projects since 2013 further elevates our team's capabilities.

Alexandru Lutic

Founder CTO

With 20+ years in computer science spanning hardware, programming, and networks, our CTO has a deep understanding of technology. His entrance into the crypto world in 2013 adds further value to his role in our EGO PROTOCOL project.

Why partner with us

What makes EGO stand out from the crowd?

We are on a mission to help solve the energy shortage problem with a new reward system that uses any person or entity that has a solar energy system installed as a validator.
The platform is designed to enable individual households and businesses to contribute to the energy grid by generating their own renewable energy and earning EGO tokens for their contributions.